Early movement demo – Legend of the Strigiformes

This is an early preview of the basic movement for the as-yet unnamed protagonist in my mini “Zelda-like” prototype. I’m using this game as a basis for development of a larger, richer game later; for now, this is a fun side project that I’m going to use to hone my skills in GameMaker: Studio and also satiate my girlfriend’s request of a “game about owls”.

I decided during my original design phase that I wanted to have acceleration and deceleration in the character movement. The speed of these, as well as the overall movement speed, is still not balanced or final but rather placeholder while I work through the code base to get things where I want them. Regardless, I wanted it to provide a good feeling of movement without being overly noticeable. For now, here is what it looks like:


Again, this is very alpha as evidenced by the lack of HUD, enemies, and overall room design! What makes me most satisfied about this is it’s purely in code and not using any drag and drop features of GameMaker: Studio beyond creating an object init and an associated object Step event. The code, as well, is quite a bundle of elementary code which will be cleaned up and optimized. For now, I wanted to quickly get movement, acceleration & deceleration, and collision into the engine. I also changed the mask a bit so that the player sprite would disappear a bit when on top of a wall, but would not necessarily overlap the wall when coming up from under it to provide a moderate 3D effect. This is going to need some tweaking as it’s extremely basic but the foundation is there. In the following weeks, I’ll be working on the following:

  • cleaning up the movement code to make it a bit more optimized
  • character ranged weapon
  • character melee weapon
  • three different and distinct enemy types
  • two different environments

I’m looking for a fun, somewhat goofy theme for this game. This project is a sizable undertaking considering the previous game I created utilized a single environment and a single enemy type with two different movement types. You can check out the game Lumberjack Quest on this page, though fair warning: it’s extremely rough.

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