Legend of the Strigiformes v1.0

Things have been extremely hectic in my personal life lately! As such I haven’t been able to post updates to this page as much as I’d like during the haphazard development process for this game. During this time, however, I’ve been able to complete v1.0 of the Legend of the Strigiformes prototype. I’m not entirely sure if this is something I’ll pursue as a complete game or simply use the experience here for future projects, but at any rate I’ve completed four distinct zones (home, forest, desert, and temple) as well as rudimentary AI for the enemies. Only one enemy type exists in the game, and it is set to be a homing missile. A small example of the weapons, HUD, and beginning room can be seen here:


Head on over to the Games section to download the executable or feel free to check out the source at my bitbucket.org page.

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